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The history of this fierce area, traditionally opposed to any kind of political oppression and where the French communist Resistance sternly opposed the Nazis, fits the local landscape, rough and yet appeasing. The Diois Region, next to the Alps but definitely part of the Vercors, is charged with history and full of personality.

In its heart lies the tiny village of Romeyer, peopled with 300 inhabitants, about 3 miles from Die. Still preserved in its pristine environment between the Val de Drôme and the French Preamps, it faces the Glandasse Massif (2041m). All year long, The Diois Region offers a wide range of landscapes and many leisure activities for all ages.

Local crafts and organic production

In this day and age of industrial farming, ecology is very dear to the heart of the locals, including many ex-townies. At the beginning of summer, the lavender production is one of the peculiarities of the region which also grows a wide varieties of plants some of which take part into the distillation process of locally made alcoholic beverages. A label “Organic Valley” is being contemplated and the local products are grown in the respect of nature.
Right in the heart of the countryside, the Diois gastronomy gets the best return out of the local specialities: picodon cheese, ravioli, lamb, Clairette de Die, honey. It is yet another way of tasting the region through your taste buds!

Fialoux all year long

The Diois Region offers a unique mineral landscape. There are several underground lakes, some in the largest sanctuary in France (42 000 acres of biodiversity) where between steep paths, one can catch sight of marmots, ibexes, wolves and vultures. Hiking there is unique experience. At the start of the Falioux Gîtes, there are several long-distance hiking paths (GR 95 and GR 91). Rambling in the Glandasse Massif is easy and for all ages. Within 2 hours, the amateur rambler will arrive at the Cistercian Abbey of Valcroissant, dating back to the 12th century. The Rays springs are only and hour and a half walking distance from there. As for the more hardened ramblers, they can try the Balcon du Glandasse, but mind you, it takes the whole day.

A few yards from the gîtes, the river Rays houses many trout. Why not enjoy a bit of fishing before or after picnicking? In autumn, boar, stag and elk hunting is in full swing. In winter, there are loads of snow activities and skiing and snowshoe walking are among the favourites. From spring to late autumn, many open-air activities can be found such as cycling, mountain bike, canyoning, climbing, paragliding or gliding trips...

Children have always found memories of the region. Many walks are easy, especially for children’s legs. During the winter season, they can build snowmen in front of the chalet or enjoy the local ski resorts at Valdrôme or Col de Rousset. In summer, after a good session of treetop climbing or cycling, the gîte’s swimming pool is only a few feet away.