-25% on first week of July.
-25% on last week of August.

Cindy and Jean-Pierre Fialoux are full of energy. Not only do they manage the gîtes, but they also possess a large sheep pen, which they breed under the organic label certification: that’s their philosophy and their way of preserving the environment.
Some 400 sheep stroll freely in their 200-acre wide natural breeding territory free of gene-altered products. Cindy, whose grand-father also bred sheep, look after them on a daily basis, while Jean-Pierre deals with the rest of the farming activities.
The couple also has a mare and three donkeys: Planète, Lili, Turquoise and Cascade, always on the lookout for new faces, remain Cindy’s favourites ...
Always willing to help, Cindy and Jean-Pierre also know how to respect one’s need for privacy and tranquillity. The Gîtes Fialoux: for nature and people.